1. New York /Game Over

    So we’re back…
    I’m sitting back here in my own couch again, tired and jet lagged, but still buzzing on what was a really intense 6 day trip of long days and even longer nights in “The City Of Gotham” or simply New York.
    Saturday we took it a bit slower and chilled at the apartment and ordered in. Of course we had burgers and fries with coleslaw and pickles on the side and a big cup of ice tea to flush it all down.
    Later that night we met Markus again at a bar called The Trophy in BK right under the JMZ Subway line.
    I found out that the JMZ line used to be called the JZ line and that’s where Brooklyn Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z got his name from.
    A couple of beers down we decided to call it a night and walked back down to the apartment saying good buy to Markus and headed back.
    The last day we all packed and and had breakfast, took the train to Penn Station, transferring to a Amtrak train to Newark International where we had our last burger before getting on the plane for a 7 hour flight back to Brussels.
    Slept almost the whole flight and woke up with only 2 hours to go till we touched down in Zaventem.
    We’re gonna have to adapt for a couple of days so for now signing off.
    Game Over

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